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within · within

there was drinking, and falling, and dancing, and... at this end…

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there was drinking, and falling, and dancing, and...

at this end of the island, i was a pirate. witty, wily,
and armed. i was oh-so-clever. surrounded by other
vacationers, i still felt oddly disconnected from the
conversation, so i left.

i stepped out into bright sunshine and brighter colors. at this end
of the island, i was on vacation with dozens of people. the hotel
was full, the bar was full, the streets were full. the trees danced
and birds cheered. the people were warm and bright. bright.
at this end of the island, everything was bright.

someone mentioned the island's rather relaxed view of wardrobe,
and somewhere my clothes simply weren't there anymore. and
next to the street, next to the sidewalk, was a sort of waterway.
something between a flume and a slide, water cascading apace.
a means of conveyance from one end of the island to the other.
this way, i traveled. sliding, flowing, cool water supported my
body and urged me along. i moved faster than foot traffic, slower
than auto traffic, and more comfortably than either. the currents
held my bare skin no less firmly than the hands i would encounter
at the other end of the island.

many minutes passed as i washed past streets and buildings and blocks,
ending at last at the other end of the island, at the doorstep of
the island's most popular club. i stepped out of the water and into
the dim interior, my naked body earning not much more than cursory
notice as fully half the patrons were baring most if not all their flesh.
i took note of a man on the other side of the room. something about him
struck me as confident and relaxed in the midst of so much activity and
attention seeking.

i awaited the arrival of friends, who brought clothes for me. i pulled
the fabric over my skin, the friction in contrast to my watery transport.
we ordered drinks and made our way around the bar to booths upstairs...
except for the moment that i turned around and stumbled against the man
i had seen before. i fell back, and his arm shot out to catch me around
my waist. i made my heady apology, which he waved off with a grin.
i invited him to join me and my friends upstairs, and he accepted.

i danced. he danced. we danced ever closer. we danced to the point
beyond denial. he led me to his jeep, top down, and we rode from
this end of the island to the other end of the island. i led him to
the swimming pool behind my hotel. we stripped out of our clothes
and entered the cool water. i felt the water on my flesh. i felt
his hands on my flesh. i felt his lips on mine. i felt his flesh on mine.
i felt him inside of me. i locked my kiss on his to muffle our screams.

we rose from the water and stretched out under the sun, less bright than
before and casting longer shadows. we traded caresses. we pulled on
our clothes and headed into the hotel. we rode the elevator up, our
bodies in close contact, trading heat. we reached my room. i opened
the door and entered, dropping my shirt on the bed as i passed it.
he turned me to face him, sliding his hand down my back and into my
shorts. we each stripped the other, our clothes once again discarded.
we mussed the bedsheets under our bodies. we re-arranged the furniture
to suit our desire and hunger. i pleasured him at the celing-to-floor
window. he threw me onto the bed. we wrestled for control. we both lost.

sunshine, and shadow...
* * *