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within · within

bathing... soaking in a warm bath, sunk up to my shoulders, head…

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soaking in a warm bath, sunk up to my shoulders,
head back, eyes closed. you kneel down by the side
and reach into the water to caress my foot, my ankle,
up my calf to the back of my knee. your gentle strokes almost tickle, but
my eyes stay closed. you slide your hand over my knee to trace up and down
from the back of me knee to the inside of my thigh about halfway up and
down and up and down... my legs shift, my other thigh brushing the back
of your hand. you withdraw only to slip back in at my collarbone, caressing
from one shoulder to the other a few times before drifting down between
my breasts. i heave a dreamy sigh, my chest rising and falling under your
hand. your fingers slide over to cup my breast and rub your thumb over
my firming nipple. i moan as you circle around and stimulate the sensitive
flesh. you give it a quick pinch and a short tug before you bring your
hand to the other breast and start over, rubbing, circling, making the
nipple harder. my moans get louder. my legs rub together. your hand
glides down my ribs, over my belly, finds the crease where my thighs
meet and draws your fingers up. i relax my legs and allow them to
part, giving you access to the warmest part of me. you press in and
find my labia and slide between the folds. you graze my clit, and i
groan with want. you oblige by trapping my clit and rubbing it between
your forefinger and thumb. my hips rise slightly. i fight to keep my eyes closed,
but i raise my hands to hold the sides of the tub. you tug my clit slightly
and i groan. your fingers begin a complex dance that teases my clit
and makes my pussy start to pulse. i struggle to keep from writhing,
agitating the water, splashing a little up the sides. you chuckle at my moans.
you take a little more time to torment me. your pace quickens, faster, faster,
with my gasps and moans coming just as fast. my heart is pounding, and
you quickly thrust two fingers into my pussy. i growl and grip the sides of
the tub harder. a few quick strokes in and out, then you push your fingers
all the way in and hook them, stroking the inside, as your thumb starts
rubbing my clit. my hips are rocking against your hand, my body is writhing.
water splashes up your arm, droplets catch on your lips. as you lick them
away, you increase the intensity. my moans turn to screams. thrusting,
thrumming, rubbing, squeezing, pressing... harder and faster. harder.
faster. faster. faster. faster. i scream. my back arches. my pussy grips
your fingers. i growl through my orgasm. with a little effort, you pull your
fingers free and stroke the outside of my pussy and clit while my body
shudders in the aftermath...

but not clean...
* * *