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within · within

part fantasy, part nocturnal dream... i stepped from the bath and…

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part fantasy, part nocturnal dream...

i stepped from the bath and reached for the towel.
grinning, he took it from my hand and stepped behind me.
he gently wrung my hair with the towel and patted my
shoulders. he dried my arms one at a time, then rubbed
my back softly with the towel. he knelt down behind me
and patted each leg dry. he brought the towel up to my
ass and rubbed the flesh a little harder with the fabric.
he hung the towel over his shoulder, grabbed the front
of my hips, and pressed his face into the space between
my legs. he pushed his pierced tongue forward, and with
one long stroke, he licked me from my clit to my pussy
across my anus and up the cleft of my ass. i shivered the
duration. he crawled around to kneel in front of me. he dried
my feet and my legs. as he brought the towel to my hips, he
leaned in to kiss my navel and let his tongue linger.
i bit my lip and looked down, meeting his eyes and his
leering grin. he dropped the towel, grabbed my waist with
both hands and pulled me toward him. he caught a hardened
nipple in his mouth and circled it with his tongue. my
nerves sparked from the base of my spine and throughout
my body. his lips drifted across to my other breast,
brushing the flesh with his breath. he licked the tip
of my nipple and took it gently between his teeth.
"hey!" his name was called from another room. startled,
he bit down. i yelped. we looked at each other, and i
laughed. he chuckled sheepishly and stood, lifting my face
with his kiss. he stepped back and grinned again...

part daydream, part desire...
* * *