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soaking in a warm bath, sunk up to my shoulders,
head back, eyes closed. you kneel down by the side
and reach into the water to caress my foot, my ankle,
up my calf to the back of my knee. your gentle strokes almost tickle, but
my eyes stay closed. you slide your hand over my knee to trace up and down
from the back of me knee to the inside of my thigh about halfway up and
down and up and down... my legs shift, my other thigh brushing the back
of your hand. you withdraw only to slip back in at my collarbone, caressing
from one shoulder to the other a few times before drifting down between
my breasts. i heave a dreamy sigh, my chest rising and falling under your
hand. your fingers slide over to cup my breast and rub your thumb over
my firming nipple. i moan as you circle around and stimulate the sensitive
flesh. you give it a quick pinch and a short tug before you bring your
hand to the other breast and start over, rubbing, circling, making the
nipple harder. my moans get louder. my legs rub together. your hand
glides down my ribs, over my belly, finds the crease where my thighs
meet and draws your fingers up. i relax my legs and allow them to
part, giving you access to the warmest part of me. you press in and
find my labia and slide between the folds. you graze my clit, and i
groan with want. you oblige by trapping my clit and rubbing it between
your forefinger and thumb. my hips rise slightly. i fight to keep my eyes closed,
but i raise my hands to hold the sides of the tub. you tug my clit slightly
and i groan. your fingers begin a complex dance that teases my clit
and makes my pussy start to pulse. i struggle to keep from writhing,
agitating the water, splashing a little up the sides. you chuckle at my moans.
you take a little more time to torment me. your pace quickens, faster, faster,
with my gasps and moans coming just as fast. my heart is pounding, and
you quickly thrust two fingers into my pussy. i growl and grip the sides of
the tub harder. a few quick strokes in and out, then you push your fingers
all the way in and hook them, stroking the inside, as your thumb starts
rubbing my clit. my hips are rocking against your hand, my body is writhing.
water splashes up your arm, droplets catch on your lips. as you lick them
away, you increase the intensity. my moans turn to screams. thrusting,
thrumming, rubbing, squeezing, pressing... harder and faster. harder.
faster. faster. faster. faster. i scream. my back arches. my pussy grips
your fingers. i growl through my orgasm. with a little effort, you pull your
fingers free and stroke the outside of my pussy and clit while my body
shudders in the aftermath...

but not clean...
* * *
part fantasy, part nocturnal dream...

i stepped from the bath and reached for the towel.
grinning, he took it from my hand and stepped behind me.
he gently wrung my hair with the towel and patted my
shoulders. he dried my arms one at a time, then rubbed
my back softly with the towel. he knelt down behind me
and patted each leg dry. he brought the towel up to my
ass and rubbed the flesh a little harder with the fabric.
he hung the towel over his shoulder, grabbed the front
of my hips, and pressed his face into the space between
my legs. he pushed his pierced tongue forward, and with
one long stroke, he licked me from my clit to my pussy
across my anus and up the cleft of my ass. i shivered the
duration. he crawled around to kneel in front of me. he dried
my feet and my legs. as he brought the towel to my hips, he
leaned in to kiss my navel and let his tongue linger.
i bit my lip and looked down, meeting his eyes and his
leering grin. he dropped the towel, grabbed my waist with
both hands and pulled me toward him. he caught a hardened
nipple in his mouth and circled it with his tongue. my
nerves sparked from the base of my spine and throughout
my body. his lips drifted across to my other breast,
brushing the flesh with his breath. he licked the tip
of my nipple and took it gently between his teeth.
"hey!" his name was called from another room. startled,
he bit down. i yelped. we looked at each other, and i
laughed. he chuckled sheepishly and stood, lifting my face
with his kiss. he stepped back and grinned again...

part daydream, part desire...
* * *
i feel pretty, oh so pretty...

i drink this tequila,
shot by shot
by shot
by shot
by... shot?
i don't count.
i feel sexy.
i wish you were here.
i wish all of you were here.
every inch of me wants your touch.
inch by inch
by inch
by inch
by... inch?
i don't count.
the heat inside,
the sweat outside,
and you
inside and outside.
that may be the tequila talking
i don't count.
set me up another shot.

pretty? no... sexy. oh so sexy.
* * *
sometimes i catch myself falling...

“… you’re not supposed to slap, hit, kick, dig in your nails, be rough… when I pound my cock into that tight, wet pussy of yours, that’s only part of it. I know you like pain, and I know what kind of pain gets you wet, and I know what kind makes you scream, and I know what kind of pain you can’t get enough of…” he leaned in. his tongue flicked out, licking across her lips just before he crushed her mouth with his kiss. his hands never left his sides, and she struggled to keep hers down. he pressed against her, pushing her back. She finally had to grab at his shirt to keep from falling. He sucked a breath from her and stood up straight. She gasped, her hands falling to her sides. Breathlessly, she said, “you forgot to mention…” He looked at her curiously. She reached between his legs and squeezed hard. He crumpled a bit, and she brought her lips to his ear. “… it goes both ways.”

sometimes i catch myself just in time...
* * *

i had a memory return to me... a memory
of being naked in your house. feeling the air all over
my flesh. feeling the slightest chill when my legs parted.
blinking away darkness, drawing in the tiniest sliver of
light, to recognize your shadow. a form with no detail
shifting under my touch, under my lips. i don't even bother
to close my eyes. the blur of differing densities and depths
of substances around me give me the impression of floating...
no walls, no ceiling, no doors, no direction. your hip
grazes mine. your hand traces my shoulder up to my neck,
and your breath takes mine. i melt away.

... and sigh...
* * *
* * *
awaiting clearance...

Their drinks having long ago melted into their weakened forms, she stood. She stretched. She sighed. ‘If the world ended tomorrow,’ she wondered aloud, “what would you regret?’
He rose slowly, standing very close. ‘Well, I would regret not having held you in my arms,’ he replied as he slipped one arm around her waist and another behind her shoulder, drawing her even closer. ‘I would regret not having breathed in your scent’, he whispered a he nuzzled up her throat and along her jaw line. ‘Ooh, that’s nice.’ His breath brushed across her skin lighting up a myriad of tiny electric shocks. ‘But most of all, I would regret not kissing you.’ And with that, his mouth was on hers, taking her breath and muffling his own moans.
She gripped his shoulders to stay on her feet. A short eternity later, hearts racing and bodies trembling, he raised his head. ‘Mm. I was right. You taste like a perfect English cup of tea.’ His lips curled. ‘I would have regretted not knowing that.’
‘Yes, well,’ she murmured. ‘We seem to have made quick work of your list.’
‘Oh,’ he chuckled. ‘That was very much the short list.’ His had drifted down the front of her blouse and began parting the buttons from the plackets. She gasped and backed up a step. She brought up a hand to cover his. She looked up into his maddeningly blue eyes. He smiled. ‘If the world ended tomorrow,’ he purred, ‘what would you regret?’
She blinked and drew her hand away. ‘I would regret not having said yes… many, many more times.’

clearance received...
* * *
speaking aloud, to no one in particular...

in my cells
i want the sex
in my bloodstream
i want the sex
in my flesh
i want the sex
in my mind
i want the pain
in my hands
i want the sex
in my mouth
i want the sex
under my tongue
there is a sex
behind my back
there is a sex
over my shoulder
there is a sex
between my legs
there is a sex
under my feet
there is a sex
behind my eyes
there is my sex

and in reply, from no one in particular...
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finding myself somewhere between the commercial
and the priceless...

in this dream, a friend informs me that "it's ready."
she leads me through an indoor shopping mall to what
looks like a boutique. she grins and says, "it's yours."

it's mine. it's a dungeon for hire. i own a dungeon.
the shiny metal sign says the name is "brass apples".
(and i really have no idea what that means.)

i enter and meet a handful of sentries who look like
they could fold a trespasser in half with one hand.
a lovely young lady gives me a tour of my enterprise.
she leads me through rooms of various appointments for
various affectations and fetishes. she points out
the private rooms that offshoot from the main themed
areas. we even have a kitchen for refreshments...
with a small area sectioned off for kitchen fetishists.

i remember thinking this is something of a party,
an invitation-only event. the membership is vetted
and established; they know the rules, they play well.
i celebrate with my trust-worthy staff. i roam the
rooms and enjoy the energy to a point of intoxication.

i turn the corners and climb the stairs and as i walk
into the necessary room, i let myself fall face-first
onto a plush bed. "need something, boss?" a vinyl-clad
mistress asks me in her sweet yet strong voice.

"i need to sober up... and i need to get off," i mutter
into the bedding. i don't even have to look to know
she's smiling. "alright. stand up." i wearily find my
feet. she steps behind me and slides a dark silk scarf
over my eyes, tying it under my hair. "i've got just
the thing for you," she coos. i hear her vinyl creak
as she turns and turns back. warm, firm hands settle
on my shoulders from behind. her voice is heavy with
authority when she says "take care of the boss."

"yes, mistress." a soft, husky male voice replies.
he turns me slowly. i roll my head over to say
"thank you, mistress," and she noisily blows me a kiss.

i'm led to a private room. his hands slide over my body,
removing my clothes as he reaches them. he guides my
hands in undressing him. he presses a kiss on me,
pushing me back and off-balance. i gasp, thinking
i'm going to fall over, but he catches my body and
my breath, sending my heart racing. he backs me
up against the bed and pulls me onto my knees.
kneeling on the bed, hands gripping, pulling, sliding,
grabbing, rubbing... with my eyes covered, i have
my other senses drowning in luxurious overfill,
especially my flesh and a waterfall of friction.

he uses his body to guide me, and i follow every move,
every flexion and contraction. he pulls me astride
him. i moan a gasp at his heat entering mine. i ache
for each breath that accompanies each thrust and
collision. the electric charge gathers at the base
of my skull and shoots down my spine. as i feel
my orgasm building, i rip off my blindfold and gaze
into his eyes. i scream rapture and shudder ecstasy.
i collapse onto him, and i feel his hands slide over
my tremors.

his voice is ragged with heavy breathing, but he
manages to exhale, "yes, mistress." i sigh in return,
"thank you, mistress."

what is the cost of your breath?...
* * *
there was drinking, and falling, and dancing, and...

at this end of the island, i was a pirate. witty, wily,
and armed. i was oh-so-clever. surrounded by other
vacationers, i still felt oddly disconnected from the
conversation, so i left.

i stepped out into bright sunshine and brighter colors. at this end
of the island, i was on vacation with dozens of people. the hotel
was full, the bar was full, the streets were full. the trees danced
and birds cheered. the people were warm and bright. bright.
at this end of the island, everything was bright.

someone mentioned the island's rather relaxed view of wardrobe,
and somewhere my clothes simply weren't there anymore. and
next to the street, next to the sidewalk, was a sort of waterway.
something between a flume and a slide, water cascading apace.
a means of conveyance from one end of the island to the other.
this way, i traveled. sliding, flowing, cool water supported my
body and urged me along. i moved faster than foot traffic, slower
than auto traffic, and more comfortably than either. the currents
held my bare skin no less firmly than the hands i would encounter
at the other end of the island.

many minutes passed as i washed past streets and buildings and blocks,
ending at last at the other end of the island, at the doorstep of
the island's most popular club. i stepped out of the water and into
the dim interior, my naked body earning not much more than cursory
notice as fully half the patrons were baring most if not all their flesh.
i took note of a man on the other side of the room. something about him
struck me as confident and relaxed in the midst of so much activity and
attention seeking.

i awaited the arrival of friends, who brought clothes for me. i pulled
the fabric over my skin, the friction in contrast to my watery transport.
we ordered drinks and made our way around the bar to booths upstairs...
except for the moment that i turned around and stumbled against the man
i had seen before. i fell back, and his arm shot out to catch me around
my waist. i made my heady apology, which he waved off with a grin.
i invited him to join me and my friends upstairs, and he accepted.

i danced. he danced. we danced ever closer. we danced to the point
beyond denial. he led me to his jeep, top down, and we rode from
this end of the island to the other end of the island. i led him to
the swimming pool behind my hotel. we stripped out of our clothes
and entered the cool water. i felt the water on my flesh. i felt
his hands on my flesh. i felt his lips on mine. i felt his flesh on mine.
i felt him inside of me. i locked my kiss on his to muffle our screams.

we rose from the water and stretched out under the sun, less bright than
before and casting longer shadows. we traded caresses. we pulled on
our clothes and headed into the hotel. we rode the elevator up, our
bodies in close contact, trading heat. we reached my room. i opened
the door and entered, dropping my shirt on the bed as i passed it.
he turned me to face him, sliding his hand down my back and into my
shorts. we each stripped the other, our clothes once again discarded.
we mussed the bedsheets under our bodies. we re-arranged the furniture
to suit our desire and hunger. i pleasured him at the celing-to-floor
window. he threw me onto the bed. we wrestled for control. we both lost.

sunshine, and shadow...
* * *
a temperate season, an intemperate heart...

want me?
how do you want me?
suddenly and blindly,
or with deep longing and aching need...
does the hunger consume you,
or do you smolder with each slow second...
do you burn, are you lost to madness,
can you scarcely control your trembling?
will you lose hours, days, your life
to fantasy and desire unrequited?
want me?

want me?
how do you want me?
in the dark, in the shadows
caressing long strokes
and whispers to entice,
teasing and tempting and torturing,
luring and leading,
would you take your time to seduce me?
or do you want me
right here
right now
impatient and taking
commanding and demanding
can you bear to wait another second?
want me?

want me?
how do you want me?
am i convenient
will i do?
or will no other do?
do you want me completely
absolutely, wholly, unreservedly,
unabashedly, without hesitation,
shamelessly or shamefully?
want me?

want me?
how do you want me?
do you want me
like i want you?
want me?

the season will turn, and my head turns around...
* * *
* * *